MORE ON THE RIAA: a comment

it is very clear from rcent news that both the RIAA and the MPAA feel that they are not only above the law, but well fiounded and long standing judicial principles, such as burden of proof and burden of producing evidence should not be applied to their lawsuit for alleged copyright infringement.  In addition, via some of their wishes about the ACTA treaty it is clear that they also want to violate human rights, namely privacy.  Whther the right of privacy is explicitly stated in the US constitution is irrelevant, the bill of rights is not a list of rights given to the people by the US government but a list of certin rights made clear.  In addition, California in its state constituion guarantees its citizens the right of privacy.

So, it’s copyright infringement lawsuits without bound vs. american jurisprudence and the federal rules of civil procedure.
The courts are alredy ovrbudened, with the RIAA monoploizing court calendars across he nation, it can only get worse.

Brian Lee Corber
attorney at law
Los Angeles, California


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